• CX2

    Enhances athletic performance. CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips and CX2 Circulation Chips. Peak performance every time…compete at your best using both CX2 chips and give an Optimal Performance!

  • EMF

    Counteracts your cell phone’s emissions and fortifies your body’s natural resistance to EMFs, especially in concentrated areas on the body such as your ears and brain.

  • Pure Energy Plus

    CieAura Pure Energy Plus Holographic Chips offers not a burst of energy, but a subtle increase of Consistent Energy, Balance and Mental Alertness all day long... naturally

  • Pure Relief

    CieAura Pure Relief Holographic Chips uses your body's natural meridians and interacts with your body to rapidly reduce or eliminate pain by redirecting its energy flow.

  • Rest Quiet

    CieAura Rest Quiet Holographic Chips™ allows a deep, restful sleep without medication. You get a GREAT night's sleep and wake up refreshed!

Products that can change your life

The natural meridians in our body get out of balance and cause blockages in the natural energy flow between the vital organs, cells and tissues of the body. The body works to connect these energy flows; however, without help, there is rarely if ever a balance in our body that keeps energy, concentration, stamina, and plus and minus (Yin and Yang) at the optimum level. With the introduction of the CieAura Transparent Holographic Energy Chips™, we see and feel the body meridians come into balance, relieve blockages, and the energy flows take over.

The Transparent Holographic Chip works on the same principle. Energy products are everywhere. Energy drinks, energy food bars, energy pills and a multitude of other short-lived energy fixes line the shelves of grocery and health stores. Most of these products rely on glucose (a type of simple carbohydrate /sugar) to induce a temporary energy “high.” The body loves carbohydrates, as they are the easiest compounds to process for energy. But, relying on additional carbohydrates for energy prevents the body from processing an even better source of energy—FAT.